Performance schedule

February 25, 2020
Koto Concert at Yamaha Music Hall

3 koto performers, 1 soprano singer, and 1 guest viola performer will perform Japanese music.

Date: Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Time: 13:00

Venue: Yamaha Music Hall

Performers: Noriko Tsuboi (koto), Yayoi Morita (soprano), Mina Kanai (koto), Chie Oritaki (koto)

Guest performer: Rieko Nishijima (viola)

Program: 1. Haru no Umi 2. Etenraku Imayo / Narayama / Hamabe no Uta / Hana / Jupiter 3. Mittsu no Paraphrase 4. Emu 5. Josho no Kanata

Ticket: 400B/adult, 200B/student&child (for non-member of Japanese Association in Thailand)

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February 18, 2018
Koto & Shakuhachi Concert

3 koto performers based in Bangkok and 1 guest koto performer and another guest shakuhachi performer from Japan will perform beautiful harmony of Japanese melodies.

Koto performers :  Kazuna (Mina) Kanai, Yayoi Morita and Noriko Tsuboi.

Guest performer : Kyozan Yoneyama and Seiko Yoneyama

Program : 1. Sarashi  2. Moments of Strings and Bamboo  3. Scherzo Yosakoi  4. Ocean Medley  5. Flower Banquet  6. Ryukyu-minyo Suite

Date : Sunday, February 18, 2018

Time : 14:30 Door open / 15:00 Start

Venue : Siam Nusic Yamaha Concert Salon

Ticket : 500 Baht / Adult, 300 baht / Student

Advance tickets are available at Tokyo-do Books (2nd Floor, The Emporium)

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July 8, 2017
Koto Charity Concert

4 koto performers based in Bangkok and 1 guest performer from Japan will perform beautiful harmony of koto melodies.

Koto performers :  Kazuna (Mina) Kanai, Kiwa Mitamura, Yayoi Morita and Noriko Tsuboi.

Guest performer : Keiko Shino

Program : 1. Rokudan  2. Toward the Bifrost Bridge  3. Seoto  4. Dream of Spain  5. Sekijun  6. Theme song from DORAEMON and ANPANMAN

Date : Saturday, July 8, 2017

Time : 14:30 Door open / 15:00 Start

Venue : Siam Nusic Yamaha Concert Salon

Ticket : Advance 500 baht / Door 600 Baht

Advance tickets are available at Tokyo-do Books (2nd Floor, The Emporium)

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June 15, 2017
The Portrait of Prasidh Silapabanleng


The Portraits of Prasidh Silapabanleng

Composed by Pasinee Sakulsurarat

Movement I : Wang Buraphabhirom for Pi and Octet

Movement II : Tokyo Ongaku Gekko for Koto and String Quintet

Movement III : Ban Batt for Pi & Koto and Wind Symphony

Surasak Kingsai (Pi Soloist), Noriko Tsuboi (Koto Soloist), Vanich Potavanich (Conductor), Nipatdh Kanchanahuta (Conductor)

Day & Time : Thursday, 15 June 2017 at 7pm

Venus : Conference and Music Hall, 2nd Floor, Chulabhorn-Pisarnsilp Building, The Faculty of Humanities, Kasetsart University

May 13, 2017
Hengenjizai World of Koto Music


“Hengenjizai” is a concert project founded in 2011, organized by the two Japanese koto virtuosos, Soju Nasaka and Kazue Sawai. They are pioneers of contemporary koto music, who have been active on the front lines of the contemporary music world. In this project, the two koto virtuosos have performed together throughout Japan. Their splendid, dynamic, elegant and rich performance enraptures audiences.

Specifically, their performance of Tadao Sawai’s 1983 composition for koto and 17-string bass koto, “Hyakkaffu” (meaning, “Multitudes of Flowers”)  is receiving great critical acclaim and has appeared on television.

They have invited the public as well as have commissioned composers for the creation of new works.  They have since premiered five of these contributions from public and professionals.

The original kanji (Chinese characters) of the word, Hengenjizai “変幻自在,” loosely translates to, “Changing illusions.”  The duo created a new kanji meaning of Hengenjizai, “変絃自在,” to signify, “Playing strings freely from the heart and creating music.”

March 27, 2017
Un Monde de Musique



Swiss artist François Lindemann’s creation with different instruments (koto, violin, pipa, oud, bass, piano, duduk, tabla) in various configurations (duet, trio, quartet) with musicians from different countries.

Created in 2014, the purpose of this show is a unique encounter of musicians from 9 countries.

Three beautiful ladies, respectively from Japan, China and Cuba, sharing their musical skills with 6 great musicians from Danemark, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and India.

These 9 virtuosos bring the public in an enchanted journey, made of several masterpieces and popular melodies from their various cultures.

« Can you imagine a tabla player sharing indian rythms with a cuban violonist, comping by a tunisian oud player and a japanese koto instrumentalist, all together playing and improvising on a folk song from Turkey. » (Antoine Duplan, HEBDO magazine, Switzerland).

What a treat is this show, cleverly arranged and mixed by pianist-arranger-composer François Lindemann from Switzerland.

Looking to all the beautiful exotic instruments on stage is also part of this amazing and magical performance.

The performers :

Noriko TSUBOI, koto (japan) / Ling Ling YU, pipa (China) / Yilian CANIZARES, violin, voice (Cuba) / Yinon MUALLEM, bendir-percussion (Turkey) / Kenneth KNUDSEN, contrebass (Danemark) / Amine MRAIHI, oud (Tunisia) / Ertan TEKIN, duduk (Turkey) / Mayank BEDEKAR, tabla (India).

François LINDEMANN, piano, arrangements.

Born in 1950 in Lausanne Switzerland, François has played in numerous festivals arround the world since early seventies, as several times in Montreux, Detroit, Atlanta, Paris, Bangkok, Hong Kong, etc Collaborates and played with great jazz musicians as Carla Bley, Steve Swallow, Robin Eubanks, Daniel Humair, Woody Shaw…

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Free entrance upon reservation


March 5, 2017
Pray for Japan ~for Tohoku and Kumamoto~


The east Japan great earthquake and Tsunami killed about 20,000people and still 2,600 people are missing. About 178,000 people are forced to take refuge from their hometown. Huge amount of funding and manpower still needed to recover from the disaster.

This concert series has sent about 950,000 baht to Tohoku in 5 years.

And another big earthquakes hit Kumamoto in last April. This disaster killed 137 people and over 40,000 houses are collaspsed. Also Heisei College of Music a only music conservatory in Kyusyu area got huge damage. We support this college for young musicians as musicians.

Charity Classical Concert Series Vol.9

Pray for Japan ~ for Tohoku and Kumamoto ~

March 5, 2017 15:00 – 17:00 at The Okura Prestige Bangkok

Feb 26, 2017
Charity Concert for Kumamoto & Oita Earthquake Victims


Association of people from Kumamoto Prefecture is holding a charity concert for the Kumamoto and Oita Earthquake that was happened in April this year.
Japanese musicians and a dancer will perform the various genre of music including Anime song, J-pop, Japanese traditional and fork songs.

All the proceeds we make in this concert will go to organizations supporting the Kumamoto and Oita recovery through The Embassy of Japan in Thailand.

[Date& Time] February 26 (Sun.), 2017 14:30 Door Open / 15:00 Start
[Venue] Siam Music Yamaha Concert Salon
(Siam Motors Building 4F 3 minutes’ walk from BTS National Stadium Station)

[Performers] Chitose (Vocal), Noriko Tsuboi (Koto), Sachiko Kubo (Dance), Ayuko Ohara (Electronic Organ), Seiko Kakogawa (Piano)
[Ticket] Adult: 500 Baht・Child 300 Baht
*400 Baht Adult/300 Baht Child for member of Japanese Association Thailand & Club Thailand)
☆Tickets are sold at Japanese Association in Thailand
(Satorn & Sukhumvit office) /Club Thailand Office (SukhumvitSoi 35)
[Organized by] Association of People from Kumamoto Prefecture in Thailand
[Supported by] The Embassy of Japan in Thailand / Japanese Association Thailand / The Japan Foundation, Bangkok / Siam Music Yamaha / Club Thailand / Salon hors du Temps
[For more information] TEL: 081-405-5124

March 22, 2016
Tanapon Chiwinpiti


Tanapon Chiwinpiti, a Thai composer has experiences in Tokyo, Japan since 2014-2015 to collaborate with fantastic artists and performers for the new stereophonic sound of new generation beyond the time we are now.

Door open 2:40pm | Room A 407

March 22, 2016

At College of music, Mahidol University