Swiss artist François Lindemann’s creation with different instruments (koto, violin, pipa, oud, bass, piano, duduk, tabla) in various configurations (duet, trio, quartet) with musicians from different countries.

Created in 2014, the purpose of this show is a unique encounter of musicians from 9 countries.

Three beautiful ladies, respectively from Japan, China and Cuba, sharing their musical skills with 6 great musicians from Danemark, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and India.

These 9 virtuosos bring the public in an enchanted journey, made of several masterpieces and popular melodies from their various cultures.

« Can you imagine a tabla player sharing indian rythms with a cuban violonist, comping by a tunisian oud player and a japanese koto instrumentalist, all together playing and improvising on a folk song from Turkey. » (Antoine Duplan, HEBDO magazine, Switzerland).

What a treat is this show, cleverly arranged and mixed by pianist-arranger-composer François Lindemann from Switzerland.

Looking to all the beautiful exotic instruments on stage is also part of this amazing and magical performance.

The performers :

Noriko TSUBOI, koto (japan) / Ling Ling YU, pipa (China) / Yilian CANIZARES, violin, voice (Cuba) / Yinon MUALLEM, bendir-percussion (Turkey) / Kenneth KNUDSEN, contrebass (Danemark) / Amine MRAIHI, oud (Tunisia) / Ertan TEKIN, duduk (Turkey) / Mayank BEDEKAR, tabla (India).

François LINDEMANN, piano, arrangements.

Born in 1950 in Lausanne Switzerland, François has played in numerous festivals arround the world since early seventies, as several times in Montreux, Detroit, Atlanta, Paris, Bangkok, Hong Kong, etc Collaborates and played with great jazz musicians as Carla Bley, Steve Swallow, Robin Eubanks, Daniel Humair, Woody Shaw…

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Free entrance upon reservation